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Winifred H. Case Study

Winifred Hoffman has been committed to growing her use of alternative energy sources for the last 40 years. Going solar at her home was the next step for her, and upon saving up some money, she decided to move forward with getting a solar system installed.

The environmental and health benefits of solar power are vast and include reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, and reducing pollutants in the air such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter.

Finding a good contractor was essential for Winifred, and IRE was an easy choice. “We found Norm to be responsible, organized, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful,” she said. And when the physical installation began, the process went very well. “The workers were polite and competent,” and when a minor caulking issue was identified, “IRE returned to take care of that.”

Speaking on the customer service experience, Winifred said, “Norm was great getting us set up with the contract and dealing with our electricity provider. Eric has been very helpful, coming back several times to update the device that transmits data to the internet.”

After IRE installed the new solar system, Winifred remarked that their electric bill was considerably reduced. But beyond that, the social and environmental benefits have been vast. “I just love seeing those panels up there, soaking up the sun. I also like being able to look up the production on the internet,” Winifred says, “and knowing I’m getting energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels or nuclear power.”


In addition to the personal benefits, sharing their solar experience with others is an unexpected benefit. “It has given us a chance to promote solar to other people that ask when they see our panels,” Winifred concluded.

Positive economical, social, and environmental benefits? That’s Solar Made Simple.