Jen is IRE’s President and our biggest cheerleader.

She comes to us with a background in sales, specifically prom & pageant. She has worked in that industry for 16 years and loves to help girls find the perfect dress for their events. It’s like solving a puzzle!

Her experience in the renewable energy industry comes through her husband, Norm. His passion & vision for solar power in the mid-west brought her into the industry. They have endless hours of conversations about solar & it’s benefits; everything from the designing of solar systems to the installation. This is his passion. She would like to explore selling the systems. With her people skills and background in sales, it would be really easy to make the connection. :)

Family/Kids: Three children–Cassidy (18), Mitchell (16), Sydney (12), & husband-Norm.

Pets: Winston, the world’s cutest puppy. He’s a Rottweiler, Coon Hound, Great Pyrenees mix. He’s a mutt really, but with the greatest personality and cutest face. 

If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Steak, but good steak. I think filet mignon. Or pasta, any kind of Italian.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?
There is no place I wouldn’t go at least once. I’m more of beach and hot sun person. I think the top of my list would be to go on a safari just to take pictures, never to hunt.

Do you have any fun hobbies? If so, what?
I bake a little. I love to travel and go bike riding, it would be cool to incorporate a riding trip. I was involved in a girl’s running program, ‘Girls on the Run’. I’d love to do that again and start running again! 

What is a random/fun fact about you that we don’t know? 
I love to laugh and spending time with my kids is probably the most I laugh on any given day.