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Dave S. Case Study

Environmental concerns with traditional energy sources spurred Dave S.’s interest in exploring solar power. After reviewing the multiple financial incentives, he realized going solar was feasible for his household and that it would take only a manageable amount of time to recoup his investment.

If you are able to afford paying your electricity bill, solar is a financially attainable option for you. Financing options, including solar loans and solar leases, make funding solar easy for homeowners with good credit.

Choosing IRE to install his solar system was an easy choice for Dave. “Their thorough preparation of the project plus their patience with all of our questions built confidence in the organization,” he said.

The installation process went remarkably well despite the extra challenge of installing in snow-covered winter conditions. In addition, Dave says, “Work inside our home was completed neatly with consideration of our house layout. Our system has worked flawlessly since installation two years ago,” and that, “the system has been free of glitches and has performed as promised.”

In the time since his system was installed, Dave’s satisfaction with the quality of IRE’s workmanship and customer service has remained. “We have not required any service since installation. Norm has proven exceptionally responsive for an occasional question.”

The social impact on going solar has been felt by Dave and his family, especially within their community of friends and neighbors, of which he says, “they have been favorably impressed and several are considering similar systems. Hopefully, our experience will influence others to consider similar projects.”

Looking forward, Dave says he would be pleased to provide positive feedback to potential customers who would be interested in viewing and learning more about his solar project, and he is hopeful that solar installations will become more common in new construction projects and major renovations.

As for the icing on the cake, Dave can’t help but mention the “$0 electric bills in the past year.” Flawless operation and positive social and environmental impacts? That’s Solar Made Simple.