Family Owned & Operated Since 2010

Ryan Bedford, is our local missionary with Convoy of Hope & a member of our extended IRE family. He is assigned to Convoy of Hope Disaster Services. 

Independence Renewable Energy donates a portion of every sale to Convoy of Hope. We follow each of the missions Ryan goes on and love knowing that there is a great network of people out helping families and individuals when they need it the most. We are proud to support Ryan and his work with such a great organization.

Ryan was brought into the solar industry by association with our wonderful leader, Norm. He has learned a lot from Norm so far!

Ryan is a family man. His beautiful wife is Missy, they have been married for 10 years. The have two children ages 4 and 2.
They also have 2 large labs, Rumpelstiltskin (he’s 7 years old and 130lbs) and Remington (he’s 5 and 70 lbs)…they both think they are lap dogs.

If you could only eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be? I enjoy a good steak  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do? There isn’t anywhere I wouldn’t go, this world we live in is a beautiful place, with amazing people throughout it. I’d end up helping somewhere along the way.  Do you have any fun hobbies? If so, what? I enjoy hunting and fishing when I get a chance.  What is a random/fun fact about you that we don’t know? I collect different musical instruments from countries I have visited, representing different cultures

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As a faith-based, nonprofit organization Convoy of Hope has helped more than 85 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how, and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.

Independence Renewable Energy is proud to support Ryan Bedford with Convoy of Hope.
A portion of every solar installation & electrical contract is donated to Convoy of Hope.