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Alex M. Case Study

Motivated by the savings potential from reduced electric costs, Alex M. contacted IRE with an interest in getting a solar system installed. After crunching the numbers, “The investment made good sense,” he said.

The average American solar purchaser sees a return on their investment of 20% or more, with most solar panel systems paying for themselves multiple times over the course of their 25+ years lifespan. Every year, electricity prices continue to increase throughout the country. By investing in a solar energy system now, youcan lock-in the price you pay for electricity today and protect yourself against future increases in electricity costs. 

When it came time to install Alex’s solar system, he said of the experience, “It was very easy and no hassle. Very professional and fast.” He also prefers to support local businesses whenever he can, and was pleased to support the local team IRE employs.

Since going solar, for Alex, the best part is the low summer electric bills. Additionally, encouraging others to join in onthe positive conservation and financial benefits of solar energy has been an added benefit. “We encourage others to investigate solar,” he says.

Concluding, Alex commented that he “enjoyed working with all of the staff at Independence Renewable Energy!” Professional service, long-term cost savings, and a hassle-free experience? That’s Solar Made Simple.